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Nasty porno in Borderlands..

2010-06-01 15:10:59 by LazyMe

Hi everyone! This is my 1st news : enjoy!

You know, i've been playing "Borderlands" for a while, i found it was a good game and i had fun on it.. until i was disgusted by the nasty porno scene that was presented to me when i met Rakk Hive : one of the bosses of the game.

The Rakk Hive some weird irradiated horse with a strange head who lives in the underground that weird irradiated beards (the rakks) are using as a nest (he got holes in his back).. His head, that's what almost made me wanna puke.

To be the most clear as i can : the Rakk Hive's head is just like a freaking 95 years old nasty cunt.
Seriously, i can even make you the right anatomy of the women's vagina with a picture of his head! (cf picture)
Moreover, he just keep spiting (or ejaculating idk) some dirty green spittle (or semence as you want) on you witch makes you loose hp!
The studio that made Borderlands seems to be full of retarded sexual adicts with weird fantasm xD

No seriously guys, i think Borderlands is a real good game and you should try it if you haven't yet :)
Now tell me, you Bordelands players : Did you had the same feelings about Rakk Hive's head when you met him for the 1st time??

Sorry bad my english, i ham france.

Nasty porno in Borderlands..